Our packages are designed to give you great quality for a great price. Each package includes training to use available features (by email or over the phone), technical support, search engine optimization and access to our client resource database. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Basic Package (CMS)   $600

-10 pages includes the homepage
-CMS Template customized for your business
-Training on using the cms to add and change content

Catalog Package (CMS)   $1000

-10 pages includes the homepage
-CMS Template customized for your business
-Setup including up to 3 extensions
-Training on using the cms to add and change content
-Online Catalog setup using Hikashop

Ecommerce Package (CMS)   $1100

-10 pages includes the homepage
-CMS Template customized for your business
-Setup including up to 3 extensions
-Training on using the cms to add and change content
-Online Store setup using Hikashop
-Check-out and payment collection system setup

Additional services:

Catalog/Store Product Entry (CMS)   $25 per hour
-Entering of products for your online store including image, description and pricing

Extension Setup (CMS)   $50 per extension
-Setup of new extensions for your website
Examples: event calendar, forums, user interaction (login, profiles, communication)

Newsletter Advertising   $100
-Use 3rd party newsblast service Constant Contact
-Setup template used to send out your newsblasts
-Train you on how to use the program to send out newsblasts
-Monthly fee (3rd party)

Custom Code   $25 per hour

-Includes building new scripts such as user interaction, flash, forums, and so forth.

Maintenance and Technical Support   $25 per hour

-Can be done over email and over the phone
-Rate is linear (ie. 30 minutes is $12.5), minor questions are free

Hosting and Domain Registration

-All packages including website hosting setup and domain registration
-Website hosting and domain registration is done via 3rd party, monthly fees not included in package pricing
-Some web hosting plans include a free domain name
-Hosting / domain changes (ie. switching hosting provider or domain names)   $25 per hour

Fine Print

Ownership: Upon completion of the contract, you own the website and content wholely unless specifically stated (such as images, scripts).

Footer: We require you to keep a link to our website in the footer of your website specifying that we designed your website.

Contract: We will send you a contract that you must sign and send back before we start on any work for your website.

Consultation: This is provided free of charge with no commitment required.

Quotes: We will give you an estimate of cost to build your web site, however we cannot be held against our quote if it costs more to create your web site.

Training: We conduct training by email, over the phone or through our client article database. On-site training is available on request.

Phone: We can speak over the phone or we can use a voice over ip (voip) service such as skype or google talk to communicate.

Approval of Template: We will customize a template for your business colours, images and content. The template must be approved by you to meet the requirements of the contract.

Templates: All packages use a Joomla template found in free online databases and customized to fit your needs. Credit for these templates belongs to the user who created them and not Imagine It. Some 3rd party templates may cost extra and are not included in package pricing.

Graphics: We will create minor graphics (photo editing, simple designs) for your site. If you need custom artwork or logos designed, we use a 3rd party artist to create these images and separate fees apply. We will negotiate with the 3rd party on your behalf to ensure smooth transition between the 3rd party contribution and the graphic addition to your website.

Content Management System: We use Joomla for our CMS. We do not use any other type of cms. We install the latest version of Joomla. Some templates and extensions may not work with the latest version of Joomla. We will try to install legacy additions, but cannot guarantee success. All CMS packages include full installation of the program. 3rd party extensions not installed during initial setup may cost extra (depending on the package).

Extensions: These are used to improve the functionality of your website but require proper setup to ensure they work as intended and they do not pose a security risk to your site. The cost associated with setting up 3rd party extensions ensures they work as intended, a security analysis and training on using the extension.

Catalogue/Online Store packages: We will setup these packages to function properly including categorization, shipping rates, and interface design. These packages do not include product entry, however we will train you on how to enter products or you can purchase product entry from us.

Point of Sale configuration: Some POS systems can be configured to connect to your website to provide real-time stock and pricing data. We can also export your inventory from your POS system and import it to the website store, saving you a lot of time when adding products online.

Product Images: We recommend contacting your suppliers or manufacturers to see if they have any media packages available for you to use in your store. You can also use 3rd party search engines (ie. creative commons) to find images that are free to use and/or modify. If you need photography service for your products, we charge $25 per hour.

Newsblasts: We recommend using Constant Contact because they have great customer service and the ability to manage your newsblasts is very easy. We will build the template for your newsblast using Constant Contacts' template features including images such as logos and artwork from your business. Constant Contact charges a monthly rate to use their services, this rate is not included in the package pricing.

Search Engine Optimization: We will work with you to ensure the content on your pages is 'liked' by the search engines. We cannot guarantee your popularity and placement with search terms and keywords. We will add your domain to the three most popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

Maintenance/Support: We offer technical support and maintenance on all our packages for 2 weeks after the contract is complete. We will assist you with minor problems/questions in the future free of charge. If you required additional help you will need to purchase this service from us.

Hosting/Domains: As described above, you must purchase a 3rd party hosting service and register your domain through a 3rd party company. We can register the domain/hosting on your behalf. The hosting fee listed above for these 3rd party services may change and not be reflected accurately on this site. We cannot guarantee a domain name or domain extension. We will work with you to find a domain name and extension that works for your business.

Custom Code: We love to program, so we would love to help you create custom options for your website such as interactive features for your clients (ie. flash, message boards) or modify how your CMS extensions work (increase versatility and ease of use). We program in php, javascript and actionscript (flash).

Bulk Purchases: We will offer you a discount on our packages and services when you want us to design multiple sites or require constant use of our services. Please inquire when you contact us.